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Name:Keira Silver
Keira Silver was born Elizabeth Brighton in a tiny town in Alabama. She had a normal, happy, childhood and lived a normal life. That is, until she was twenty-four years old. She was in college when it happened, when her "gift" manifested. She was over at a friends house when the group broke in. The young women, all three of them, were asleep at the time. The group accidentally woke them up and, in the ensuing chaos, all three women were killed. However, for Elizabeth, it didn't stick. She woke up, covered not only in her blood but in the blood of her friends as well.

She called the cops, reported their deaths. No one questioned Elizabeth's story, no one thought to. Shortly after the "incident," she was kidnapped and taken to a facility. She was injured and killed time and time again, just to be experimented on. One day, an unseen hand guided her out of the facility. There were papers waiting for her, a new identity.

Elizabeth, now being called Lauren, discovered that not only could she not be permanently killed or injured, but that her aging had slowed down. Realizing that having anything resembling a normal life would be impossible, she resigned herself to moving every few years. To not having ties. To not settling down.

The murders happened on January 3, 1978. It's been 35 years and she's only aged a few years since then. She travels now, working odd jobs and never staying in one place for too long.

Mun and muse are both over the age of 18 years old.
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